Laundry Room Storage Solutions for Small Rooms

Laundry Room Storage Solutions for Small Rooms

 Usually, the laundry room is one of the smallest ones in the house. It can also be a part of the kitchen or garage space. Wherever the laundry area is, you should clearly pay attention to its design. Like any other room, it can be decorated with taste and style. But let’s not forget that it is a functional space, so smart laundry room storage solutions will give you more opportunities - and there are plenty of practical ideas to make use of even if the room is small. Laundry room storage & the lack of pace Besides the fact that the laundry room  is small, it also must have several key elements - a washing machine, a dryer, a basket for storing dirty laundry and different types of clothing care products. So, one can get really desperate about the lack of space. ShelvesThis is the number one item that helps you deal with the problem of small space. You can keep any household chemicals on the shelves. Or, you can use the same shelves for storing freshly laundered clothes and linen. Apply shelf extenders to maximize the space. DrawersA sufficient number of drawers in any bathroom cabinet will minimize the mess in the laundry....

Bathroom Colour Schemes That Will  Stay Relevant

Bathroom Colour Schemes That Will Stay Relevant

Bathroom Colour SchemesRemodeling your bathroom can prove to be tough, as this task requires increased attention. Bathroom  is, after all, a room that calls for privacy and a warm ambiance at the same time. A smart and practical option is to go for bathroom colour schemes that will always stay relevant. Some things never go old, so they say, and these colours are simply timeless. Here are some combinations that will breathe new life into your bathroom. Aqua and yellow The blue and yellow combination is such a joyful one! Break the blue and white monotony and add a shade that brings the nature closer. Yellow is such a rejuvenating color, and it adds energy to the environment while aqua tones are calm and airy. Find the perfect balance between these gorgeous hues inspired by nature. For instance, playful turquoise wall tiles go perfectly with a splash of butterscotch yellow or a hint of lemon. You can incorporate the yellow accents anywhere from the bathtub or wooden shelves to some much more discreet daily items such as the towels or different stands. The dynamic colour combination is absolutely astonishing.If, however, this bold, gaudy style does not appeal you, try a soberer look....

Bathroom Storage  That Will Maximize Your Space

Bathroom Storage That Will Maximize Your Space

Bathroom Storage Solutions That Will Maximize Your Space You have a lot of toiletries that need to be squeezed in a bathroom  — a room that is usually not very large. So you need to think creative and find the best bathroom storage solutions that will maximize your space. Your bathroom can be spacious regardless of how many different odds and ends have to be stuffed in. Here you have some easy solutions to get you started! Make use of the corners Empty corners are ideal to maximize storage space in your bathroom. Add shelves of different textures and colors to make the interior as appealing as it is practical. This could be your personal mark and, depending on the material you choose, it can also add a spicy touch. Or, on the contrary, it can make the room look warmer and more welcoming. Another great idea to add some purpose to your empty corner is to build a niche. For instance, this could work wonderfully in the shower. The niche will add a little bit of extra room to your daily necessities; plus, it is very discreet and handy. Hide shelves above the doorNo room to store your towels? Try mounting some metal...